B&B Accommodation Near Hadrian’s Wall, Gilsland, Birdoswald Roman Fort, Brampton

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You may be yearning for a break to recharge you batteries in stunning surroundings, love walking amongst scenic splendour or discovering fascinating historical facts. If this sounds like heaven to you, pack a few things and head to Brooklands B&B in Gilsland, Cumbria, where you will find something for every taste and budget. This is Hadrian’s Wall Country, a major draw for anybody who is interested in ancient Roman history, and those who dream of holidaying in a charming rural retreat.

The legacy of the Roman’s in Britain is dynamically brought to life at Birdoswald Roman Fort, one of the best areas to experience this ancient structure. Here you will find the longest continuous stretch of the wall with an impressively well preserved fort, built to house the Roman soldiers who garrisoned the frontier. Complete with turrets, gates, granaries, milecastles, a parade block and a river crossing, you can even see evidence of the turf wall which existed before Hadrian’s Wall. The popular visitor centre provides an interesting display, telling the story of the fort and its local landscape. While here, you will also enjoy extensive views featuring wooded farmland and the hills of the distant North Pennines.

En-Suite Accommodation for Willowford Bridge, Poltross Burn, Brampton & Vindolanda Fort, Hexham

There are plenty of other places in this vicinity to explore remnants of Hadrian’s Wall, like the section known as Willowford Bridge, where you can envisage ancient scenes. There are substantial areas of Roman construction here with turrets and the remains of three bridges built during the occupation. You will be amazed and excited as you interpret what you see now compared to recreated pictures of the structure when new.

Other associated historic sites, within easy reach of Gilsland, include Poltross Burn at Milecastle. Known as Milecastle 48, and situated in Greenhead, Near Brampton, Poltross Burn Milecastle reveals evidence of an oven and a section of stair leading up to the wall ramparts. Vindolanda Fort at Bardon Mill, Hexham is where incredible original records were discovered, giving a clear insight into what everyday life was like for the Romans in Britain. These artefacts, uncovered at the fort, are the oldest surviving handwritten documents in Britain, and an awe inspiring source of wonder for experts and visitors alike. At certain times of the year, when you visit Hadrian’s Wall, you will be able to sample events and activities such as archaeology events, falconry displays, gladiator training and battle re-enactments.

Brooklands image BCrammel Lin Waterfall & The River Irthing, Gilsland Cumbria & Northumbria

Here at Brooklands B&B, Gilsland, we know you will find the perfect country getaway, whether its relaxing on the grounds in our treehouse, relishing a family barbecue or enjoying the tranquillity of the River Irthing as it flows past the bottom of the garden. This part of the country is a walkers paradise, with countless path choices. A favourite for many is a walk that takes in the breathtaking natural beauty of the River Irthing which forms the boundary of Northumberland and Cumbria.

Crammel Lin Waterfall lies at the start of the Irthing Gorge with a 10m drop and continues, thickly flanked by yew, ash and birch trees. The history of this place covers over 700 years during which time notable visitors have included Edward 1st, who stayed at Thirwall Castle in 1306. Other notable visitors have included Robert Burns ( 1787) and Sir Walter Scott ( 1797). According to legend, the intriguingly shaped ‘Popping Stone’ is the site where Sir Walter Scott proposed to his future wife Miss Charpentier.

Haltwhistle Walking Festival in North Cumbria & Talkin Tarn Country Park, Brampton

Walking Festival in North CumbriaIf you are a lover of hiking, you may be interested in joining the friendly folks of the Haltwhistle Walking Festival. The group welcomes participants from all over the UK and further afield, and offers a great selection of varied and interesting walks to suit all tastes. Special interest walks are scattered liberally with absorbing tales and fascinating facts, and feature themes like history, railway stations, birds and singing! Haltwhistle can also cater to those fans of equestrian pursuits with a selection of stables and riding schools, where you can horse ride and pony trek to your hearts content, in lush surroundings.

Being ideally located on the coast to coast cycling route, we are a frequent stopping off point for anybody engaging in this activity. We provide a warm, dry bed, good food, washing and drying facilities and somewhere safe to store your cycle. There are plenty of places around Brampton to do a spot of fishing or perhaps you are tempted to visit Lanercost Priory, also located in this part of North Cumbria, and dating back to around 1166. As one delighted visitor put it, this historic building is ‘oozing with history’.

If possible take time to spend a day at Talkin Tarn Country Park, near the old market town of Brampton. Magical woodlands leafy glades, a serene lake and outstanding landscape views are enjoyed by everybody including families, couples and walkers. Rowing a boat on the lake is a pleasurable pastime, and the children will be delighted by the fun family orienteering course or numeracy trail.

This is just a snapshot of the numerous ways to while away your time during your stay with us, and we will be very happy to advise you about other interesting and fun options available in the area.