Exciting Historical Facts & Gripping Tales in Gilsland

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Mumps Hall

Mumps Hall

When the Newcastle to Carlisle Railway opened in 1838 giving ease of access to this area of North England, the village of Gilsland began to grow in size. The Victorian times saw Gilsland transformed into a magnet for travellers wishing to sample its fresh air and famous spa waters. The natural beauty of the area has resulted in much of the land around about being designated as a National Park, with the added benefit of World Heritage Site ‘Hadrian’s Wall’, running through the village.

Tourists from all over the world come to see the ancient monument, built over 2000 years ago, which stretches coast to coast from Newcastle to Cumbria. Any portion of the wall will excite, with museums containing historic artefacts and signs of daily life centuries ago. Roman ruins include one of the best preserved Milecastles at Poltross Burn, where you will find the remnants of an oven in which the Roman soldiers would have cooked their food. There are also a clear set of steps leading to a probable lookout post at the top of the wall. Milecastles, as their name suggests, where built every mile along Hadrian’s Wall, giving people strictly controlled access from one side to the other, most likely after paying a toll.

Gilsland has its infamous past inhabitants too, one of these being landlady Margaret Teasdale, who ran a hostelry for travellers called Mumps Hall. The inn had a bad reputation, and it not only provided a resting place for weary travellers, but also welcomed the local robbers and looters onto its premises. One story recounts how a traveller who was returning from a fair or market, unwittingly had his guns tampered with in order that crooks could waylay him as he continued on his journey. Luckily he checked the guns immediately after leaving the inn, and reloaded them with gunpowder. Sure enough the rogues appeared before long, in the middle of a desolate location, but fled once he had put them in the picture!

There are a host of fascinating tales about places in the vicinity of Gilsland, and a wealth of breathtaking countryside to enjoy. A range of quaint and comfortable B&B’s, guest houses and hotels are scattered here and there and will soon be joined by the Brooklands B&B, giving you plenty of choice when you visit. We are looking forward to getting to know you, and our new website will include details and information to make your stay a pleasant one.

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